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His name is Aston and he is the youngest one and shortest one. He is the one that most girls like. If you type "Aston Merrygold" into Google images then his photo will come up.

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Q: Witch 1 is Ashton from JLS?
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Who does Ashton out of jls go out with?

there is no Ashton there is a Aston which is single thank the lord

who is zayns favourite popstar?

ashton from jls

Did Ashton from JLS play for arsenal?

No He didn't!!

What is JLS Ashton sure name?

Merrygold <3

Who is jls Ashton dating?

Aston is single :) x'

Is Ashton from jls on the fun song factory?

yes as cookie

What school did JB from JLS attend?

ashton high/primary school

What is Ashton from JLS fravout shoes?

ITS ASTON BABE. eugh. and hightops or sneekers.:) x

Witch on is gay out off jls?

None of them are gay.

What jls member accedently called Aston Ashton?

none of them! Marvin humes called him Ashon

What does Aston of jls not like?

Ashton from jls doesn't like big dogs but he loves little dogs well idk that i guess and i'm just 13 i knew this when i was 12

How old are the band members of JLS?

Ashton Merrygold is 21 Ortise Williams is 21 Jonathen Gill 21 Marvin Humes is 23