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No. For something to be virulent it must be alive. Virulence usually refers to pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, and yeasts. But, pathogens, themselves, can create toxins by their metabolic activity. Still, however, the toxin itself wouldn't have the property of being virulent, only the "bug" would be.

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2007-05-21 20:53:04
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Q: Are toxins virulence factors
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What are Virulence factors of pathogens under exoenzymes and toxins?


What are virulence factors?

Virulence is the degree of pathogenicity within a types of parasites. The factors of virulence are the colonization of a niche in the host, immunoevasion, immunosuppression, entry and exit of cells and obtaining nutrition from the host.

What are the virulence factors of Rocky Mountain spotted fever?

How does the rocky mountain spotted fever organism result in disease & what are the virulence factors?

Microbial virulence factors?

The virulence factor list include capsules, fimbriae, outer membrane proteins, techoic acids, protein A, and m protein. Virulence factors are factors that allow pathogens to avoid host defense mechanisms and adversely affect the host.

What is a virulence marker?

A virulence marker is a diagnostic tool in detecting viral factors. The importance of identifying viral factors lies in opportunities for prevention and to identify modes of transmission.

Attributes of an organism that promote pathogenicity are called?

Virulence factors

What are parasites and their virulence factors also What are some diseases that are parasitic?

candida produces parasites

What factors determine the host range of viruses?

Host receptors, transmission, virulence factors, host immune system etc.

What does not contribute to the virulence of a pathogen?

There are infinitely many things that do not contribute to the virulence of a pathogen. Elvis does not contribute to the virulence of a pathogen.

What are the virulence factors for propionibacterium acnes?

The primary virulence factors of propionibacterium acnes are lipase (which helps to break down the yucky oils/lipids on our face), hyaluronidase (which is an enzyme that breaks down the connective tissues and increases the permeability of connective tissues), neuraminidase, proteases, inflammatory mediators, and other enzymes.

When was Virulence - album - created?

Virulence - album - was created on 2007-01-23.

What is virulence gene?

a gene in any pathogen which codes for the virulence factor like protein or polysacchride is called virulence gene and is denoted by Vir genes

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