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I don't know if you are trying to ask if you can run a 240V panel off a GFCI or run a 120 V sub panel off of a GFCI. Can you clarify please,,,Thanks

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Q: Can GFCI circuit breaker handle a 240V circuit with a 120V circuit sub-paneled off if it?
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What is the maximum current you can draw from a 120v AC outlet?

It's set by the circuit breaker that protects the circuit, and the setting on the circuit breaker is determined by the cable thickness.

If your air conditioner is 120V but the outlet is 240V can you convert from 240V to 120V and how?

If the 220V circuit is dedicated, is to derate the circuit to a dedicated 110V outlet. Replace the 220V breaker with a 110V breaker and install a 110V outlet in place of the 220V outlet. If the original circuit was 20A or greater go with a 20A breaker and a 20A outlet as Airconditioners are fairly large loads. Do not exceed the current rating of the old circuit as that is all the current the existing wiring can handle.

How much voltage should be in 2pole circuit breaker?

In America, a 2-pole breaker is controlling 240V. 120V per leg.

Is it possible to simultaneously operate 1300 w hair dryers on the same 120v circuit without tripping 15 a circuit breaker?

A 15 amp circuit at 120 volts has the capacity to handle 1800 watts without tripping. It should handle a 1300 watt hair dryer with no problem whatsoever.

How much can a 15W circuit breaker handle?

Answer for the US: Breakers are rated in amps, not watts. However, a 15A breaker can handle 15 amps, or about 1800 watts (using 120V), or 3600 watts (using 240V). However, this is only rated for noncontinuous loads (those not lasting for more than three hours). For continuous loads (loads lasting three hours or more), one must derate the circuit breaker by 80%. So for continuous loads, that same breaker should only have 1440 watts (using 120V), or 2880 watts (using 240V) on it.

Can you have a 120v circuit on a 30 amp breaker?

Yes you can, However the wire leading out from the breaker must be rated for 30 or more amps, otherwise there is a fire hazard.

Can you run a 120V heater with a 240V supply?

Definitely not - it would burn out quickly and probably cause the circuit breaker to trip as well.

Can you plug a 120V amplifier into a regular socket in a household?

Yes. Outlets are regulated at 110v. Use an overload circuit breaker to be on the safe side.

When going from 1-240v to 2-120v circuits do you need to replace the double pole breaker?

Yes, otherwise your double pole breaker will shut the other circuit off when one of them trips.

How do you change a double pole 240v breaker to a single pole 120v breaker to allow a regular 120v receptacle to work?

See Discussion Page

Can a 240v 50amp circuit be changed to a 120v 30amp circuit?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service.Yes, a 240v 50amp circuit can be changed to a 120v 30amp circuit. The wire for the 50 amp circuit should be a #6. This is more than ample for a 30 amp circuit. Remove the two pole 60 amp breaker and replace it with a single pole 30 and a single pole 15 amp breaker. One of the two #6 wires will be terminated on the neutral bus (if there is a white use it) and the other #6 will be terminated on the new 30 amp breaker. This will give you the required 120 volt 30 amp circuit. The new 15 amp breaker that was installed just to fill the hole from the two pole 60 amp breaker will give you a spare 15 amp circuit. I have no idea what you are trying to do, but there is no way you can change 220v 50 amp to 120v 30 amp. You can take 220 volt input in the top of your circuit breaker box. Then half of one side will be 120v and half of the other side will be 120v. You can install a 30 amp fuse. You should hire an electrician.Before you do any work yourself,on electrical circuits, equipment or appliances,always use a test meter to ensure the circuit is, in fact, de-energizedIF YOU ARE NOT REALLY SURE YOU CAN DO THIS JOBSAFELY AND COMPETENTLYREFER THIS WORK TO QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS.

How can you wire 120V to 240V?

A far as I know, you can't. If a wire is used in a 120v circuit, the wire itself is only rated up to 15 amps, therefore it can't carry a full load without tripping the breaker.

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