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Well, they sell 3-way compact fluorescent bulbs, but they're quite a bit more expensive; up to 20 dollars a bulb!...Harder to find as well, since many people (myself included) debate whether the purchase is worth it. I've made the switch w/ all but my three-way lamp. Anyway, using a one-way cf bulb will pose the same problems as using an incandescent one-way as far as electrical fire hazards. Hope that helps!

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Q: Can a compact fluorescent bulb be used in a lamp with a 3-way switch?
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What is the brightest Compact Fluorescent bulb?

The brightest compact fluorescent bulb is of over 100 lumens or higher outputs at higher drive currents.

Which bulb last longer an incandescent light bulb or Compact fluorescent lights?

compact floresent

What light bulb uses the least energy - incandescent compact fluorescent or a halogen bulb?

Fluorescent by far.

How much does a compact fluorescent light bulb cost?

It is about $3

What does CFL's in lighting stand for?

Compact fluorescent light bulb

How are you supposed to dispose of Compact fluorescent bulbs?

Compact fluorescent bulb contain mercury.You're supposed to take them to your local hazardous waste facility.

What is the full form of CFL bulb?

Compact or Cathode Fluorescent Lamp.

How efficient is a compact fluorescent light bulb?

about 5 times as efficient.

What is the swirly light bulb called?

compact fluorescent light bulbs

Why would a compact fluorescent bulb not work in a standard fixture that's not on a dimmer switch and in which an incandescent bulb does work?

If you have another CFB try it in the same position as the one that is not working. It sounds like the CF bulb is defective.

Can one replace a tungsten bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb?

Yes, if it fits the socket and the light fitting, or lamp fixture, with its cover or shade. You will not be able to dim the compact fluorescent as you did the incandescent (unless you have a really fancy dimmer).

What is the average cost of a compact fluorescent light bulb?

There are many different kinds of compact fluorescent bulbs. This will make the price vary. The average cost of these bulbs are about two dollars.

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