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Yes, many schools do need to serve better and mroe nutritious lunches to their students.

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Q: Do need better lunches at school?
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How long are school lunches?

Around half an hour and around twenty minutes in elementary school in the US. In Scotland most lunch times are around 50 mins - 1 hour.

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How many credits do you need to graduate from a Louisiana high school?

you need 24 credits !

Are girls better than boys in school?

In certain subjects they are better. The brains of the male and female are different and develop at different rates. Girls usually are better in verbal skills while boys are better in math skills. To some extent this is also social and the way boys and girls are raised may also have an effect on how well they do in school and with different subjects. How subjects are taught also have effect on the brains of girls/boys. Studies have been done when there is an all female school comparing the grades to girls in a school with both boys and girls. Research has shown that the girls in the all female school seem to learn faster and do better without the boys in classes. This could be due to several reasons and more needs to be studied before it can be said that girls do better in school without boys.

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Why do need better school lunches?

i love school dinners

Do you focus better in school when you have longer lunches?

Yes it is better because kids can get there full vitamins they need to get through the day

Do pepperoni lunchables need to cook in microwave?

No they are meant for on the go lunches and school lunches.

We should get better food at school?

yes because some people get obese by school lunches

What are arguments against school lunches?

healthier lunches at school reduce bodyweight.

Why you should eat your school lunches?

You shouldnt! school lunches are really unhealthy. bring your own lunch.

What is the percentage of kids who don't like school lunches?

About 85.7 percent of kids like school lunches. We asked them some reasons why they didnt like school lunches, and they all replied, THE VEGETABLES!

Why should school lunches be healthier?

School lunches should definetly be healthy because it lacks nutrients and has lots of fats in it. School lunches can cause diarhea, obesity, or diabetes type 2

How do you write lunches in a sentence?

School lunches are neither tasty nor nutritious. My mother always lunches with friends on Friday.

How do school lunches contribute to childhood obesity?

If children eat poorly chosen, self-indulgent school lunches, then those lunches will contribute an excessive amount of calories to their diet and thereby contribute to childhood obesity. More appropriate school lunches would avoid that problem.

Why should junior high lunches be changed?

It is because the unhealthiness of school lunches and of obesity and diabetes

Are school lunches healthy to eat?

school lunch are some times nice and some of them are good and yes the school lunches are very it can make you fix and strong

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