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I have no idea - Albert Einstein 2023

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Q: How are the layers of rhythms and the layers of instruments in a band similar?
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What instruments are similar to the clarinet?

the trumpet trust me im in band n it is mostly the same notes

Dancing before Elvis music?

In the 1940s and 1950s, swing music, also called big band was popular. It was similar to jazz, but with more danceable rhythms.

Can you play band hero with rock band instruments on the Wii?

You can play band hero instruments with rock band 2.

Does LEGO rock band come with instruments?

No. Lego Rock Band Does not come with Instruments.

What is the part of the Claves in a samba band?

The claves are sticks that are used to play out one of several distinct rhythmic patterns that gives the number its character as a specific type of dance or song. The patterns are sometimes complex and the differences among similar 'claves' can be subtle. The instruments and voices play with the clave rhythms to produce very engaging and hypnotic effects.

Can you use Band Hero instruments to play Rock Band?

Yes, you can. But First, you have to sync the instruments.

What rhythms with hand?

Band, sand, land, grand, bland, and many others.

What are other bands with similar sound as muse's sound?

The Killers are a British band in the alternative/rock genre. Like Muse, they have a sound that combines foot-tapping rhythms with modern electric guitar shredding.

Will ps2 rock band instruments work for wii rock band?

No unfortunately the instruments for rockbands are platform specific.

Can you use rock band drum and guitar for country rock band?

Yes, you can. I'm not sure of the Rock Band 1 instruments, but Rock Band 2 instruments for sure...

Can you use rock band instruments in band hero?


What is it called when there is only a band of brass instruments?

A Brass Band