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The organic compounds decompose off easily in the environment. This is an example of organic compounds in the sentence.

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Q: How do you use organic compound in a sentence?
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What is an original sentence for organic compound?

organic compounds are fruity

What is a sentence using the words organic compound?

an organic compound is a substance that contains the element carbon.

Can you give me a sentence for the word VOC?

Volatile organic compound

How is an organic compound different from an organic compound?

Do you mean how is an organic compound different from an inorganic compound? If so, an organic compound has carbon, an inorganic compound does not need to have carbon.

What is the importance of chloroform?

It is a organic compound. we use it as a anesthetic.

What is used to identify a compound?

Depends on what compound you are referring to. Organic or Inorganic. Basically, you can use EDX to identify the elements within the compound, work better for inorganic compound. As for organic compound, FTIR can be used.

Is hydrogen an organic compound?

No; for a compound to be organic is has to contain carbon No; for a compound to be organic is has to contain carbon

What makes an organic compound organic?

if a compound is organic then it must have carbon in it because carbon is organic, so if the compound does not have carbon than it is not organic

How to use a compound in a sentence?

Sodium chloride is a familiar compound.

What is the use of phospholipid?

A phospholipid is an organic compound. This organic compound provides energy to us and it also helps our cells to perform nuclear transfer.

How do you use abstract in a compound sentence?

It is hard to fit "abstract" into a compound sentence, be careful when you do so!

Is C8H18 an organic compound?

Yes it is organic compound

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