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This depends on the type of the acid and the reactivity of the metal.

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Q: How does acidity affect different metals?
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It realty depends on the PH level of the chemical if its 5 to 7 ( seven being the highest) then its considered a base but if its below 5 all the way down to 1 then it is an acid

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Yes it does. Different species of plants ar adapted to different levels of soil acidity.

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How does acid precipitation affect plants? Acid precipitation can cause the acidity of soil to increase. This process also changes the balance of a soil's chemistry in several ways. When the acidity of soil increases, some nutrients in the plant get dissolved. Increased acidity also causes aluminum and other toxic materials to be released.Some of these toxic metals get absorbed by the roots of a plant.

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Acids attack metals, building materials, rocks, etc.

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