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The brain needs oxygen in order to function. A lack of oxygen to the brain can cause brain damage. Brain damage can result in seizures.

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Q: How does lack of oxygen to the brain cause seizures?
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Can syncope cause seizures?

Syncope is a loss of consciousness or fainting, sometimes caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, but is different to Epilepsy. Seizures in Epilepsy are caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. So Syncope would not be a cause of seizures.

Can lack of blood flow to the brain cause seizure activity?

Lack of blood can indeed cause seizures.

What kills brain cells?

Drug abuse, lack of oxygen, strokes, and certain medical conditions such as those which cause seizures are some things which kill brain cells.

What are Conditions accociated with passing out?

Closing of the eyes, unsteadyness. Passing out is caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, seizures.

What causes the brain to stop functioning?

One cause would be lack of oxygen due to suffocation or lack of blood flow carrying the oxygen to the brain.

Lack of oxygen to the brain?

This is a statement, but I will answer it. The lack of oxygen to the brain results in brain damage and death.

Does marajuina cause lack of oxygen in brain?

Na smoking it dosent cause lack of oxygen in the brain coz like cigrattes the smoke of marijuana dosent stop the oxygen to dissolve in the brain. So the trip of marijuana is much more good and different kinds of activities can be seen in the brain

What are the causes of a hypoxic brain injury?

Hypoxic brain injury can be very fatal to one's life. One cause can be a lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen kills brain cells. Thus, causing a hypoxic brain injury.

Does lack of glucose in the brain trigger epilepsy?

It does not trigger epilepsy, but a low blood glucose does cause seizures. The seizures stop once the blood sugar is returned to normal.

What are the effects of lack of oxygen to the brain?

Brain cells would die and cause brain damage, leading finally to death.

What is a cause for brain damage in a newborn is repeated and prolonged lack of oxygen which is called?


How much damage can a lack of oxygen cause?

it could cause brain damage and eventually death in humans and animals.

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