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by simple diffusion

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Q: How does the amoeba obtain oxygen and carbon dioxide?
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How is oxygen and carbon dioxide gases exchanged between an amoeba and its surroundings?

how oxygen and carbon dioxide gases are exchanged between an amoeba and its surroundings.

How do amoeba take up oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide?


How do humans obtain oxygen?

We obtain oxygen by breathing in fresh air. Carbon dioxide comes out of us.

How does the spiny lobster obtain oxygen and give off carbon dioxide?

When lobsters are underwater they breath in oxygen, when they come above water they breath out carbon dioxide.

How does amoeba respire?

The entire surface of the amoeba is its respiratory surface. It is always wet because the amoeba lives in water, and oxygen continually diffuses in and carbon dioxide continually diffuses out.

How an amoeba exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide gases with its surroundings?

diffusion across their body surface (cell surface membrane)

Is carbon dioxide oxygen?

No. Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound of carbon and oxygen.

When a carbon reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide carbon dioxide is the?

Carbon dioxide is the product; oxygen and carbon are the reactants.

How does a lily obtain oxygen?

They don't use oxygen they use carbon dioxide. They use the carbon dioxide that we breeth out and then they breeth out oxygen which we need to survive; that's why we need to keep planting trees and other plants!

When carbon reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide carbon dioxide is?

When carbon reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide is the product of the reaction.

How does carbon dioxide make oxygen?

Carbon dioxide does not make oxygen. Carbon dioxide (a reactant) is converted into oxygen (product) in photosynthesis

What is carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle?

The carbon dioxide and oxygen cycle is the process by which carbon dioxide and oxygen are cycled and recycled in the atmosphere.

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