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all of these

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Which part of the cell membrane prevents the cell from dissolving in water

Why is the phloem in a leaf important to the roots of a plant

What is the name for the protective structure that forms around an embryo

Which statement explains why oxygen molecules easily diffuse across a cell membrane while glucose molecules do not

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Q: How does this structure help the cell carry out its function?
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How does the unique structure of the nerve cell help it carry out its function?

To communicate with other cells

How does the structure of the neuron help it to carry out it's function?

it does

What are the answers to Chapter 7 Cell Structure and Function?

Chapter 7 cell structure and function help plz !!!!!

Structure in a cell that performs a function?

A structure in a cell that performs a function is called an organelle. All the organelles work together to help the cell survive.

What is the structure and function of all the cell organelles in the cell membrane?

It is the area where the cell stay and he function is what it does to help your body.

How does the structure of the fat cell help with its function?

A fat cell is a round cell. The structure of the fat cell that helps the cell function is the shape allows the fat cell to accumulate a lot of lipids.

How does a sperm cell feature help carry out its function?


What type of structure would help nerve cells carry out this function?

It helps the cell connect with other nerve cells It helps the cell connect with other nerve cells

What provides structure for tissues and organs and help carry out cell metabolism?

The Cell Wall The Cell Wall

How does the structure of a root hair cell help the cell perform its function?

it keeps growing

How does the structure of the cardiovascular system help it to carry out its function?

The cardiovascular system what nurse do

How does the nerve cell's shape help its function?

The part of the nerve cell which helps the cell to carry messages is the axon

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