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Through conduction and convection currents

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Q: How does water get heat?
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Does it take more heat to heat water or to boil water?

It takes more heat to boil water than to simply heat water. Unless the water is already at its boiling point.

What occurs when heat is removed from water?

The water gets colder. If enough heat is removed, including the heat of fusion, the water will freeze. Removing the heat of fusion does not change the water's temperature.

What does water obsorb and realeas heat from?

Water absorb heat from sun. it releases heat into the air.

Is evaporation heat gain or heat loss?

For what? It requires a heat gain for the water, but a heat loss for whatever the water is in contact with.

Is heat of vaporization for water is equal to heat on condensation of water?


Is water a type of heat sink?

Yes! Water is a heat sink.

Dose evaporation heat gain or heat loss?

For what?It requires a heat gain for the water,but a heat loss for whatever the water is in contact with.

Why does heat dissolve in water?

Hot water merges with the cold water, and any heat is dissipated.

Is water a conductor of heat?

Yes, water can conduct heat but the dominant form of heat transfer in water is by convection rather than conduction.

How does heat capacity makes water a good heat sink?

If a body of water has a high heat capacity, it can store more thermal energy making it a good heat sink.

When you heat water by which method heat travels in water?

There is more than one way to heat water, so I would not apply this to all situations, but in general, when you heat water you create convection currents which cause the hotter water to mix in with the colder water.

Molar heat capacity of water?

The Molar heat Capacity of water is 75.2

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