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23 shared cells

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2009-10-20 21:14:34
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Q: How much DNA do uterine siblings share?
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How much DNA do you share with siblings?

anywhere from 0% to 100%. but on average, you share 50% of your DNA with your siblings.

Why do siblings look alike?

because siblings share much of the same DNA. if the parents are the same, then each child will have half it's DNA for either parent, so siblings will share an average of half their DNA, ending up with the similar characteristics that their DNA codes for. for siblings with only one parent in common, an average of a quarter of their DNA is the same.

Can half-siblings share same DNA?

They can share some DNA, since your mother/father was involved in them.

How much dna do humans share with an apple?

Humans do not share much DNA with an apple. They share only about 40% of the same DNA.

Why do you share similar traits with your parents and siblings?

When the embryo is formed, it's created from half of the father's DNA and half of the mother's DNA to create the needed amount of DNA. This DNA determines many traits. Your siblings got a similar, though unique, set of DNA from your parents, and as such they share traits, but are still different from you.

How much DNA do you share with a vegetable?


You share 99.8 percent of your DNA with Ronald Reagan how much of your DNA do you share with bonzo his chimp co-star?


How much DNA do humans share with lizards?


How much DNA do humans and reptiles share?


How much DNA do you share with bacteria?

15%, think

How much percentage of DNA do you share with algae?


How much DNA do humans share with dogs?

98 %

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