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No. But burning coal will likely produce carbon monoxide.

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2017-04-27 04:48:44
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Q: Is carbon monoxide in coal
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Can carbon monoxide come from radiators?

No. Carbon monoxide is the product of burning fossil fuels such as coal or petroleum.

What is the dangerous gas made when coal burns?

CO (carbon monoxide)

What gas goes into the atmosphere when you burn coal oil or gas?

The gas that is released when burning coal, oil, or gas is called carbon monoxide or sulfur. Sulfur is released with the burning of coal and carbon monoxide is what the exhaust of cars is made up of because of the burning of petroleum.

What reactive gas is produced when coal is burned?

Carbon Monoxide.

What is the name of the gas given out when coal burns?

carbon monoxide

Which produces more energy the formation of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide by burning coal?

The formation of carbon dioxide. Burning coal that releases only carbon dioxide means the coal is completely burnt and more energy is produced. Carbon monoxide is released when the combustion process is incomplete.

Can you get carbon monoxide poisoning in an all-electric home?

No. Carbon monoxide is produced on burning fossil fuels like petrol, coal, gasoline, etc.

Is burning coal a physical or a chemical?

Burning coal is a chemical process in which coal reacts with oxygen and forming carbon doxide and or monoxide.

How does tar and carbon monoxide affects us?

Carbon oxide is a toxic gas.Tar from coal/petroleum is carcinogenic.

Burning coal produces which gas?

Burning coal in complete combustion of oxygen produces carbon-dioxide where as burning coal in limted amount of oxygen produces carbon-monoxide.

What is released into the air when coal is burned?

Gases as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, water are released by coal burning.

Does coal give any disease?

Coal has Tar, which is a carcinogen. Also incomplete burning of Coal emits Carbon Monoxide, which is a respiratory poison.

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