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It's not good. However, the only real damage, is any, would be a wearing down of the emergency brake, which could cause it to work improperly. The next time you have your vehicle serviced, you should ask them to inspect the brake for damage. That probably did very little damage. It's not good, but if you are asking, the damage is probably minor. If the distance was that short and the speed not too high, you may have done nothing more than reduced the brake pad life a few 1000 miles. Thing to watch for, squeaking brakes, pulsing, pulling or uneven braking, high pedal pressure needed to make normal stops. If you have any of that, drive the car a few days and see if things return to normal. If not take it to a break shop.

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Q: Is it bad if i drove a car for a mile or so with the emergency break on?
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