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Cyanobacteria is a phylum of bacteria. Its name comes from its color. Cyanobacteria make their own food by extracting compounds from the ocean.

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Microorganisms such as algae and phytoplankton extract compounds from the ocean to use as food through photosynthesis or chemosynthesis. Some marine animals, like filter feeders, also consume these organisms to obtain their nutrients. By utilizing these natural processes, organisms can make their own food from compounds found in the ocean ecosystem.

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Q: Make their own food by extracting compounds from the ocean?
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What term is applied to organisms that can make organic food from inorganic substances?

A chemotroph makes organic compounds from inorganic compounds.

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making food energy from the ocean

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Cells use energy from food to produce high-energy compounds like ATP through the process of cellular respiration. These high-energy compounds are then utilized by the cell for various activities and functions, such as muscle movement, cell division, and synthesis of biomolecules. The energy stored in these compounds is released when needed to drive cellular processes and maintain cell functions.

What does bacteria on the ocean floor use to make food?

eating other bacteria

How do producers in the ocean make food above the thermocline layer?

They Use Chemosynthesis.

How do chemosynthetic bacteria make their food?

Some chemosynthetic bacteria live in very remote places on Earth, such as volcanic vents on the deep-ocean floor and hot springs in Yellowstone Park. Other live in more common places, such as tidal marshes along the coast.

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