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Mitosis is the cell division process in which two identical daughter cells are produced.

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Q: What are Identical daughter cells created through?
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Identical daughter cells are created through?


Is identical diploid daughter cells in meiosis?

Parent cells go through mitosis to have the two daughter cells identical to each other, and humans are diploid.

How many daughter cells are created from mitosis and cytokinesis?

Mitosis followed by cytokinesis results in two identical daughter cells.

Daughter cells are identical to parent cells?

YEs... All parent cells are identical to daughter cells...

How do daughter cells compare genetically?

The daughter cells that result from mitosis are genetically identical. The daughter cells from meiosis are not genetically identical.

How are the resulting daughter cells different in meiosis and mitosis?

The daughter cells in mitosis are identical and the daughter cells in meiosis are not identical.

How many cells are created during mitosis?

Mitosis creates two identical daughter cells.

In which type of cell division are the daughter cells identical to the parent cell?

Daughter cells are identical to their parent cells in mitosis. During this form of cell division, somatic cells separate into two identical daughter cells.

When a body cell divides through the process of mitosis what does the chromosomes in the daughter cells do?

The chromosomes of the daughter cells are identical to the chromosomes of the parent cell.

Is identical diploid daughter cells mitosis?

Yes, identical diploid daughter cells is mitosis their nuclei are genetically identical to the parent cell.

Asexually produced daughter cells are identical?

Yes, they are. Anything produced asexually results in identical daughter cells.

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