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A perennial plant with twisting, climbing vines with fleshy edible roots.

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Q: What are the physical characteristics of Mexican yam?
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Is jicama Mexican yam?

Yes, Jicama is the common name given to the Yam or Mexican Turnip (Pachyrhizus erosus).

What are the Mexican bobcat's physical characteristics?

The Mexican Bobcat is the smallest of the bobcat subspecies and grows to about twice the size of a housecat.

What are the active medicinal properties of Mexican yam?


Is there proof that the Mexican yam helps with gout?

There is proof that theMexican yam has components that can be helpful in gout but you would have to eat a truck load of it. this would be poisonous. There is no proof that you can treat gout with Mexican yams.

What is the recommended external preparation of Mexican yam?

Mexican yam cream is marketed with the promise that it is natural progesterone. The cream is applied to the skin based on a woman's condition. Dosages are based on the outcome expected.

What is the Latin name of Mexican yam?

Dioscorea villosa and Dioscorea floribunda and are two of some 850 species of yam in the Dioscoreaceae family.

How does Mexican wild yam work to help treat premenstrual syndrome?

The Mexican wild yam (Dioscorea villosa ) contains a substance that may be converted to progesterone in the body, possibly decreasing some of the symptoms of PMS.

What parts of the Mexican yam plant are used for medicinal purposes?

The dried root.

Is jicama a fruit?

No, jicama is not classified as a fruit but a root vegetable. This food is more commonly known as a Mexican yam or Mexican turnip.

What diseases does Mexican yam treat?

Menstrual pain, poor circulation, nervousness, restlessness.

Where is Mexican yam plant grown?

Native to Mexico, southeastern United States and Appalachia.

Does a point have no physical characteristics?

No, a point does not have physical characteristics.

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