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The bee sees pollen with its eyes. It carries pollen because the pollen stick to the hind legs!

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2016-10-13 01:57:38
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Q: What bee structure observes pollen grains?
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Does a bee eat grass and meat?

No, a bee eats no solids larger than grains of pollen. They live on pollen, honey and nectar.

How does nectar help pollenation?

Bees go to different flowers to collect nectar. When the bee is near the flower the pollen grains stick to the bee. When the bee moves to another flower the pollen grains itself jump from the bee to stigma. In this way it helps in pollenation.

How does pollen grains reach the stigma?

some pollen grains reach to stigma by wind and some are carried by animals like rabbits and insects like butterfly, bee etc.

Why bees play an important role in the reproduction of plants?

the bee carry the pollen grains to the stigma.

What happens when a bee gets nectar from a flower?

it causes some pollen grains to fall on the stigma

In what ways are bees helpful to plants?

The bees will fly from flower to flower, while doing this process, pollen grains will be stuck to the bee's hair on its legs and when it reaches another flower, the pollen grains will fall off the bee's leg to the flower, therfore fertilising the flower.

How does the hair on a bee's body help in pollinating flowers?

pollen grains stick to the hairs on the bees body & wen the bee flies to another flower , the pollen might rub off and stick to the flowers pistil

What are the nutritional qualities in bee pollen?

Bee pollen is protein.

How does the pollen reach the stigma?

some pollen grains reach to stigma by wind and some are carried by animals like rabbits and insects like butterfly, bee etc.

What is another word for bee pollen?

Another way of saying bee pollen is bee bread. Bee pollen is full of nutrients and many health food stores carry it in capsule form so it is easy for people to get the benefits of bee pollen.

How does a hairy body help bees to collect food?

Pollen sticks to the hairs. This not only helps in collection but also in pollination as any pollen missed by the bee rubs off in the next flower. ---- The hairs on a bee are plumose -- that is, they are branched, like tiny ferns. When the bee is in flight, the hairs build up a small charge of static electricity and this attracts the pollen grains to the hairs. The bee can then brush the pollen back to the corbiculae (pollen baskets) on the back legs to carry it back to the hive.

What is the urdu name of bee pollen?

مکھی جرگ

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