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Hundreds have. Here is a selection:

Spain: Avilés, Gijón

France: Toulouse, Montpelier, Arles, Nice

Italy: Pisa, Livorno, Ancona

Croatia: Split

Bosnia/Herzegovina: Sarajevo

Serbia: Krusevac

Bulgaria: Dobrich

Russian Federation: Sochi, Nalchik,

Kazakhstan: Aqtau

China: Urümqi, Linxi, Tongliao

Japan: Asahikawa

USA: Boise ID, Moose WY, Thermopolis & Newcastle WY, Sioux Falls SD,

Albert Lea MN, Lacrosse & Sheboygan WI, Bay City & Cass City MI

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2010-12-09 01:24:08
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Q: What city has the same latitude as Toronto?
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What is the longitude and latitude of Toronto of Canada?

The front door of the passenger terminal of the City Center Airport of Toronto of Canada is located at 43.63164° north latitude 79.39589° west longitude.

What is the latitude longitude of tronto?

Toronto's City Center Airport is located at 43.633° north latitude 79.400° west longitude.

What city is 43 degrees north latitude and 79 degrees west longitude?


Which city is farthest north Toronto Canada Seattle Washington or Minneapolis Minnesota?

Latitude wise Toronto, Canada is the furthest south and Seattle is the most Northern city

What city has absolute location of 52 N latitude and 0 longitude?

London, England

Which city does not lie at the same latitude?

There's a HUGE number of cities that aren't at the same latitude

What degree latitude is Mexico city located?

Mexico City's latitude is 19.43º N (i.e. almost the same latitude of Hawaii)

Latitude of bordeaux France?

Bordeaux is a coastal town of France. The city is part of the World heritage sites. Its latitude is 44°50' North (meaning it is located nearly on the same latitude line than Toronto), its longitude 0°34' West.

Is Toronto north or south of 35 latitude?

Billy Bishop City Aiport on Toronto's Lake Ontario waterfront is located at about 43.63° north latitude. 35° north latitude passes through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, North and South Carolina. 35° south latitude passes through Chile and Argentina. Toronto is well north of both of these parallels.

What city in new zealand is on same latitude as launceston Tasmania?

Wellington NZ is on approximately the same latitude.

What city is located at 30 degrees N latitude and 10 degrees W longitude?

Toronto morocco

A city with the same latitude and longitude as Chicago?

There are no cities located within Chicago, therefore, there are no cities with the same latitude and longitude as Chicago, since every city has its own latitude and longitude.

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