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Simplest answer is that black holes can orbit other black holes. However the concepts of orbital motions within a galactic cluster suggest that galaxies, and by virtue of their presence - black holes, orbit within the confines of their local galactic cluster (i.e. see reference on great attractor). Then there is the notion of orbiting superclusters. However within our observable universe, there is nothing that can be definitely stated for orbits about that which we can not detect.

Still for all the motion in the universe, there is no physical center for the universe for which these orbits might be ordered. Rather such orbital considerations are random, being dependent on gravitational attraction, but consistent with the cosmological principle.

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Q: What do black holes orbit?
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Do black holes orbit around something in the universe?

Most stellar mass black holes orbit the center of the galaxy in which they reside.

Do supermassive black holes orbit anything?

supermassive black holes do not orbit anything. They are found in the heart of every galaxy that scientists look at. They are stationary

Do black holes orbit around the sun?

No. There are no black holes in our solar system. Based on current models, the smallest stellar mass black holes are at the very least about 3 times the mass of the sun. Therefore, if there were a black hole in our solar system the sun would either orbit it or the two would orbit about a common center of mass.

Do black holes orbit the universe?

Most likely not. The best evidence of the existence of black holes has been found deep within galaxies.

What are the release dates for The Daily Orbit - 2012 The Black Holes of the Ocean 2-19?

The Daily Orbit - 2012 The Black Holes of the Ocean 2-19 was released on: USA: 24 September 2013

Do black holes orbit around something in the solar system?

No. There are no black holes in our own solar system. The closest known black hole is about 3,000 light years away.

Do black holes form at a ceartin type of year?

No. A year is the time it takes for Earth to orbit the sun. Black holes are formed far out in space and are not affected by Earth or its orbit.

Why do stars of galaxy's only orbit black holes in 2 dimensions and never totally in gulf the black hole?

because the black holes that they think are at the center of galaxies most likely have rotation, and the stars around it orbit the black hole somewhat like an accretion disc.

Is there such thing as a double black hole?

Probably. Binary star systems in which two stars orbit one another are fairly common. Black holes form with the deaths of very large stars. So it is possible that there are systems in which two black holes orbit one another.

Where can objects orbit within black holes?

By "within" a black hole, I would imagine you mean within the event horizon. Such an object won't ORBIT the black hole - it will simply fall towards the singularity.

Is it possible to orbit a black hole?

You are orbiting one now. Our sun is orbiting the center of the Milky Way, and it is partly the gravity of the black hole in the center of the galaxy that is keeping us in galactic orbit. There are recorded observations of stars in rapid orbit around the black holes at the centers of their galaxies. Perhaps one day we will be able to orbit black holes in space vehicles, if there is a need to do so, and if it can be done at safe distances and velocities. You wouldn't want to run out of maneuvering power while orbiting a black hole...

Does light travel through black holes?

no, light gets trapped in the black hole if it gets to close and can even go into orbit on rare occasions.

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