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Light energy is transformed into chemcial energy

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Q: What explains the sequence of energy transformations during photosynthesis?
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During photosynthesis sugar C6H12O6 is produced from carbon dioxide water and sunlight Which statement BEST explains what happens during photosynthesis?

Please provide the statements...

Which explain the sequence of energy transformation during photosynthesis?

Light energy is transformed into chemical energy

What best represents the progression of energy transformations that occur during photosynthesis?

solar energy → potential energy stored in electrons and ATP → chemical energy stored in sugars

What happens during energy transformations?

it viberates

What do plants do during photosynthesis?

what does a plant do during photosynthesis

What is the Energy Transformations that occurs during photosynthesis?

The transformation occurs using photosynthesis is radiant, because of the light a plant needs, then the light is digested by the plant. In other words digested means that the plant stores the light in its body like humans use the sun and food to get energy.

What reactant is oxidized during photosynthesis?

water is oxidized during photosynthesis.

What gases are formed during photosynthesis?

Oxygen is formed during the photosynthesis.

Which molecule is synthesized during photosynthesis?

Glucose is synthesized during photosynthesis.

What are substances are produced during photosynthesis?

Chlorphyll is made during photosynthesis

Why does photosynthesis happen during the day?

Photosynthesis happen during the day because for Photosynthesis sunlight is required.

What is yielded during photosynthesis?

Food and nutrients are produced during the process of photosynthesis.

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