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consumer behavior is influenced.

Placement and media channel are two main factors that will affect advertising in effectiveness and perception of brand.

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Advantages of mass media

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Photographic and digital media has been used to both create and also deconstruct visual stereotypes how

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Q: What factors effect advertising?
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Discuss the factors influencing selection of an advertising agency also explain various services provided by advertising agencies to their clients?

the factors that influence the selection of an advertising agency is; - its competence in advertising. - the price charges of the agency. - its methods of advertising.

What are the factors that affect demand?


How do social factors effect the business?

One way social factors affect a business is by helping the business learn about consumer preferences. Using technology for location-based advertising helps a company use targeted ads and messages.

What best states one effect of advertising?

consumer behavior is influenced is the answer for apex

What has the author David Corkindale written?

David Corkindale has written: 'Measuring the effect of advertising' -- subject(s): Advertising

How do abiotic factors effect biotic factors?

how does tornados effect abiotic and biotics

Is internet advertising failing?

Basically the Internet advertising fails because of the three main reasons: 1. Consumer do not trust advertising. 2. Consumer do not want to view your advertising. 3. Consumer does not need advertising. These are the main three factors which is responsible for the failure of the advertising.

Factors that influence the size of the advertising department?

Need, finances and workload.

What are the social factors that affect advertising?

Advertising is a social activity that people use to reach humans. Now this is quite cognitive to the factors which help an advertiser to decide what makes you feel socially good.

What is the effect of advertisement on monopolistic competition?

•Critics argue that advertising induces customers into spending more on products because of the name associated with them rather than because of rational factors.•Defenders of advertising dispute this, arguing that brand names can represent a guarantee of quality and that advertising helps reduce the cost to consumers of weighing the tradeoffs of numerous competing brands.

When did the ban on cigarette advertising on TV and radio take effect?


Factors that effect the oral communication?

There are many factors that effect oral communication. One of these factors is the word choice of the individuals talking.

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