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A Bunsen burner is made out of metal so the tube it has does not melt when the flame gets very hot.

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Q: What is a Bunsen burner made out of?
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Why is a Bunsen burner called a Bunsen burner?

because Robert Bunsen made it :)

Who made the Bunsen burner?

Robert BunsenRobert Bunsen was the inventor of the Bunsen burner.

Is the Bunsen burner made for experiments or by accident?

Bunsen burner is a laboratory instrument.

Is the Bunsen burner made of pyrex?

A Bunsen burner is not made of pyrex, it's metal. Usually a beaker or flask made out of pyrex glass is heated by the flame from the Bunsen burner.

Who is mr bunsen and why did he make the bunsen burner?

Sir Robert Bunsen is the man who made the bunsen buner,he made the burner becoz he felt like it

What did Robert Bunsen do?

he DISCOVERED not made the Bunsen burner he was a German chemist but when he discovered the Bunsen burner he quit

Did Robert Bunsen make the Bunsen burner?

The Bunsen burner was made by Peter Desaga but with some indications from Robert Bunsen.

Why is the Bunsen burner named after Robert Bunsen?

The Bunsen burner is named after Robert Bunsen because he was the key inventor in the progress. He made the Bunsen burner a significant tool to use in the lab!!

Which country was the Bunsen burner made?

Robert Bunsen (designer) and Peter Desaga (constructor) of Bunsen burner were Germans.

What year was the Bunsen burner made?

In 1855 Robert Wilhelm Eberhead Von Bunsen re-invented the Bunsen burner.

Who was the mechanic who made the first prototype of a Bunsen Burner?

Peter Desaga constructed the first Bunsen burner.

Where can you buy a Bunsen burner?

No Bunsen did not create the bunsen burner.

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