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Q: What is approximately the molar heat capacity of most metals?
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What is the molar heat capacity of liquid water?

Molar heat capacity of liquid water = 75.3538 Molar heat capacity = molar mass x specific heat

How is molar heat capacity related to specific heat?

molar heat capacity is the product of specific heat capacity and molecular weight molar heat capacity=specific heat capacity*molecular weight

Molar heat capacity of water?

The Molar heat Capacity of water is 75.2

What is the heat capacity of 170 g of liquid water?

heat capacity= specific heat x mass molar heat capacity = specific heat x molar mass - Hope this helps!!

How does molar heat capacity differ from specific heat?

Molar specific heat capacity is the amount of heat energy required to raise thetemperature of 1 mole of a substance

What is the specific heat capacity for selenium?

The molar heat capacity of selenium is 25,363 J/mol.K.

How do you get molar heat capacity from specific heat?

Specific heat is the heat capacity divided by the heat capacity of water, which makes it dimensionless. To obtain molar heat capacity from specific heat for a material of interest, simply multiply the specific heat by the heat capacity of water per gram [1 cal/(g*C)]and multiply by the molecular weight of the substance of interest. For example, to obtain the molar heat capacity of iron Specific heat of iron = 0.15 (note there are no units) Molar heat capacity of iron = 0.15*1 cal/(g*C)*55.85 g /gmole = 8.378 cal/(gmole*C)

Is molar heat capacity intensive or extensive?


How do you prove that the molar heat capacity at the constant volume?

no be quiet

What is molar heat?

Different substances have varied molar heat capacities. The molar heat capacity of a substance refers to the amount of heat energy needed to raise 1 mole of that substance by 1 degree Celsius.

What is the specific heat of thorium?

The molar heat capacity of thorium is 26,230 J/mol.K.

What is the difference in specific heat between hydrogen and oxygen molecules?

The molar heat capacity of hydrogen (H2) is 28,835 J/mol/K.The molar heat capacity of oxygen (O2) is 29,378 J/mol/K.

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