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About 14.7 pounds per square inch.

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Q: What is the pressure difference between earth sea level and outer space?
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What is the difference in pressure between two different locations called?

If you mean locations as in physical location on the earth... Then, differences in pressure between locations can be attributed to their altitudes (or heights) from sea level.

What is the difference between altitude and air pressure?

Air pressure is the amount of pressure exerted by Earth's atmosphere in a specific place, while altitude is the vertical distance of an object or place from sea level. Air pressure decreases as altitude increases, since there is less atmosphere to exert pressure.

What is the difference between surface pressure and sea level pressure?

Surface pressure is simply the air pressure at ground level, anywhere on Earth. Sea level pressure is an adjustment made so that we can compare pressure at stations of different elevations. Sea level pressure is surface pressure if it were taken at sea level. Small differences in air pressure are important in meteorology, which is why we measure pressure precisely. The problem is that pressure is a function of elevation to first order, and weather differences to second. That's why it must be adjusted to be meaningful. Otherwise we would think that Denver, CO is always under an extreme low pressure system.

What is the difference between elementary level and basic level?

what is the difference between elementary and basic

What is the difference between qnh and qne?

QNH is the air pressure at sea level in the aviation region in which you are flying QNE is your assumed height above sea level, based on an assumed air pressure at sea level of 1010.3 millibars

What causes difference in ir pressure at earth's surface?

at sea level air is 14.7psi and it changes the higher you go up above sea level and below. just depends where you are

Difference between corporate level strategies and business level strategies?

difference between business level strategy and corporate level strategy?

What is the pressure of earth's atmosphere on earth?

At sea level, the Earth's air pressure is 14.7 pounds per square inch. The pressure decreases as the altitude increases.

What is the Difference between sound power level and sound pressure level?

Sound power or sound intensity I is a sound energy quantity.Sound pressure p is a sound field quantity.Sound intensity is sound pressure squared. I = p².See related link.

What is the difference between dB HL and dB SPL?

dB HL stands for decibel Hearing Level, and dB SPL stands for decibel Sound Pressure Level.

What is the difference between relief and elevation on a physical map?

Relief is the difference between high and low elevationElevation is the the height above sea level of a point on Earth's` Lora Sukiasyan

What are the difference between room pressure and absolete pressure?

standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is 14.73 psi Absolute pressure is a gauge plus atmospheric pressure. The gauge being something that you are detecting.. i.e hot water tank.

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