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Q: What organ makes three different enzymes?
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What is the 1 organ that makes 3 different enzymes?

Several organs are responsible for making lots of enzymes. The liver makes dozens, but perhaps the most often referred-to organs are those in the digestive system: the small intestine and the pancreas. They release three broad types of enzyme - lipase, carbohydrase and protease. However, each of these three generic groups sub-divides into many, many specific enzymes, all responsible for a specific substrate.

What organ in the digestive system would you find all three types of enzymes?

all 3 enzymes are found in the pancreas

What makes the enzymes for the small intestine?

The small intestine receives enzymes from the pancreas. It provides digestive enzymes for the breakdown of all three types of foods; carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

What is the difference of piano and organ?

Obviously the organ has a deeper sound and also has lots of different types of pedals. The piano only has three!

What are the three different enzymes?

There are 3 common ones that i know about and they are protease, carbohydrase and lipase. You are gong to have to specify restriction on this question. There are hundreds of enzymes; even outside of the Biological realm.

What are three names of enzymes found pancreatic juices?

what are three names of enzymes found in pancreatic juices?

How do you get protease enzymes out of saliva or the pancreas?

pancrease releases three different enzymes. these are: Proteases - breaks down proteins Amylase - breaks down carbs lipase - breaks down fats

What are three enzymes involved in DNA replication?

the three enzymes involved in DNA replication are; helicase, polymerase and ligase.

Do enzymes have three dimensional shapes?

Yes. Enzymes are like little blobs. They are three-dimensional, but microscopic in size.

What are the three major organ transplant?

The three major organ transplants are Heart,Kidney and Liver.

Are there any three organs that are the same in your body?

The lungs and kidneys are examples of organs for which there are two in the body. Generally, each organ is different and has different functions.

What are the three different coenzymes?

well according to my calculations i believe that 3 diff-rent co-enzymes are vitamins a, b and C

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