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the bloody red kind

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Q: What type of volcano has steep sides with a broad sloping base?
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What volcano has a broad base and steep sides toward the top?


What type of volcano has broad bases and summits with steep sides?

Cinder cone volcanos have steep sides and broadd bases.They are formed by explosive eruptions that are followed by lava outpourings.

What is a volcano called that has steep sides?

composite volcano

What is the volcano type with steep sides?

Both cinder cones and stratovolcanoes have steep sides.

What the difference between cinder cone and shield cone?

A shield volcano has broad, gently sloping sides composed of many layers of cooled lava flows. A cinder cone is much smaller with steep slopes made of chunks of rock called cinders.

What type of volcano has steep sides?

it is a composite vlocano

How has volcanoes change over time?

volcananos change by the lava forming on the volcano. if the lava is a sticky and is clumpy it will be a sloping volcano. if the lava is liquidy then the volcano will be steep.

What has a broad base and steep sides toward the top?


Which type of volcano is small with steep sides?

Cinder cone

What kind of volcano has a steep sides and a violent eruptions?


Do volcanoes form different shapes and types by explosions?

the shape and size of a volcano all depends on the pressure exerted onto the magma upon it rising upwards, for example; a composite volcano has very steep sides, so therefore alot of pressure has built up beneath the earths crust and has quickly rose up giving the earth no choice but the form the steep sides. whereas a shield volcano has gentle sloping sides meaning not alot of pressure has been gained letting the earth adapt more to the changes as the formation is more slower thus the less steep sides. hope this helps

Are the sides of a quiet volcano steep or gentle?

I think it depends on the volcano but I am not sure. However if I have to pick one I would say a quiet or dormant volcano has a steep side and a active volcano has a gentle side

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