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In the cell nucleus.

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Q: Where does RNA editing occur within the cell?
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Does RNA editing occur in the cytoplasm of the cell?

No it does not

Does RNA editing occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell?

Mostly, RNA editing occurs in nucleus. RNA editing such as C to U deamination can be accompanied by APOBEC proteins in the nucleus. Insertion or deletion of bases also reported. In addtion, RNA edition known to occur in mitochondria and plastids.

Where does RNA editing occur in the cell?

in the nucleus of the cell when the mrna causes the DNA to spilt in two and then it Paris up with one side of the DNA and then the RNA goes back out into the cytoplasm

Is the following true or false rna editing occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell?


Rna editing occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell?

This is True! RNA editing is different than pre-mRNA processing, which takes place in the nucleus: Processing includes the removal of the introns (splicing), cleavage at the poly A site, and poly-adenylation. Then RNA translation is effected at the Cytoplasmic Ribosomes.RNA editing, which is different, has been shown to occur in the cytosol, the nucleus, and inside the mitochondria.

Where is RNA located within a cell?

RNA is located in the nucleus of the cell and throughout the cytoplasm.

Is the following sentence true or false- rna editing occurs in the cytoplasm of a cell?

False. Mature RNA editing takes place on the spliceosomes in the nucleus of the cell before it is exported ti the cytoplasm. Introns cut out, exons spliced together.

What nucleic acid translates the genetic code that is contained within a cell RNA or DNA?


What is an asRNA?

An asRNA is an antisense RNA, a single-stranded RNA which is complemenetary to a messenger RNA strand transcribed within a cell.

Where does translation occur in the cell?

Translation occurs at the cytoplasm in the cell.

What is translation and where does it occur in the cell?

It occurs in the nucleus of the cell. Translation refers to the process by which RNA is translated into proteins.

What is RNA editing?

RNA editing is when an RNA molecule is changed (edited) through a chemical change in the base make up. There are various types of RNA editing - namely insertions/deletions and switching bases like Cytidine to Uridine or Adenosine to Inosine (properly known as deamination). RNA editing has been observed in tRNA, rRNA and mRNA (interestingly enough all of them have to do with protein synthesis) of eukaryotes (in the cell nucleus, cytosol, mitochondrion, and chloroplast) but not in prokaryotes - which is interesting because both the mitochondrion and chloroplast are believed to be descended from prokaryotes.

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