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Weight is a measure of the "downward" force an object exerts on the earth. So if an object is in freefall, it does not exert "downward" force. Think of it like standing on your bathroom scale. If you are not falling, you have a weight, ie. there is pressure exerted down on the scale. If you are freefalling and standing on your scale, the scale will read 0, ie you are not putting pressure on the scale.

Just don't get confused between weight and mass

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Q: Why are objects Weightless in freefall?
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Are objects in freefall weightless?

no. If they were weightless they would not fall.

Is there gravity in other places than on Earth?

Yes. Gravity exists everywhere in the universe as all objects have a gravitational pull. Objects in space do not seem weightless because there is no gravity. Rather they seem weightless because they are in freefall.

Why we don't feel the gravity of sun?

We do not feel the sun's gravity because Earth orbits the sun and so is essentially in freefall. Objects in freefall seem weightless from a viewpoint that is freefalling with them. We, of course, do not feel weightless because of Earth's gravity, which is independent of the sun's gravity.

Why is an object considered weightless when there is no normal force or when an object is in freefall?

Any object is weightless.

Why do astronauts seem to be weightless when they are in orbit?

They're in freefall.

Because of freefall astronauts appear this way in orbit?


Why are objects in freefall considered Weightless?

Objects in free fall aren't just *considered* weightless, they are! If you jump out of a plane, you won't feel your own weight, as you are accelerating at the same speed as the gravitational acceleration. Einstein used this fact as the basis of his Theory of General Relativity, where a gravitational attraction is identical to an acceleration.

Why do astronaut feel weightless in space?

They actually are weightless, due to the fact there is no gravity in space. However a sky-diver would say he/she feels weightless, but they are experiencing free-fall.

Is it impossible for someone to be weightless and or massless?

Weight is dependent on gravity so in "empty" space, You are weightless! And it's also possible to feel weightless by undergoing freefall. But if you were massless, you wouldn't exist. Not even electrons are massless.

Why objects are weightless in space?

Because there is no gravity nearby that pulls the specific object, notice that although these objects are weightless, they do have a mass.

In freefall heavier objects fall with a greater acceleration than lighter objects?


In freefall heavier objects fall with a greater acceleration than lighter objects.?


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