Why did child slavery start?

Updated: 6/7/2024
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Slavery is a "industry" that has always been around, unfortunately. Currently slavery is still around in parts of Africa. It is most surly NOT a color issue. Many people and nations have made slaves from many groups. The Jewish people were enslaved by the Romans, as an example. In many parts of Africa, black individuals captured and used slaves. We see Asian people also being used as slaves.

The slavery that took place in America is unique in that we bought African people from tribes in Africa that would collect other tribes and sell them to traders. The development of a collection system in Africa and the need for cheap labor in the Southern fields was a "good" mix to encourage this industry.

It should be noted that not all African people in the USA were slaves. Some even owned them. The southern need for slaves was ending by the time of the civil war and very shortly after the end of the war, slavery ended in the United States. It is a shame that Lincoln, while living to see the end of the civil war, never saw the end of slavery in his country.

Today the only active slave areas are in the African and Middle Eastern areas of the world.

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Child slavery has existed throughout history due to factors such as economic exploitation, poverty, war, and cultural practices. Children are often seen as vulnerable and easily manipulated, making them targets for exploitation by those seeking cheap labor. In many cases, lack of social protections and enforcement of labor laws allow child slavery to persist.

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Black slavery started for two primary reasons: (1) Because the African tribes would invade villages and capture whole families and sell them off as slaves to European slave traders for profit and (2) because slaves from other ethnicities would die off shortly after being subject to harsh working conditions.

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Child slavery is as old as mankind - children began serving as slaves simply because adults were able to get away with it to free their own time.

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Q: Why did child slavery start?
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