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its important so u can see them easier.

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Q: Why is it important to stain cells?
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What was used to stain onion cells and what was the stain called?

safranine stain is used to stain onion cells

Why it necessary to stain cells?

You stain cheek cells in order to see them.

What kind of stain are used to stain plant and animal cells?

Methylene blue stain is used to stain plant and animal cells.

Why is it important to stain cells before observing them?

so you can see them better. If you were to observe the cells without staining them first you will not be able to see the activity of the cells.

Why do all cells stain purple in the flagella stain but not in the gram stain?

The gram stain uses a decolorizing product so it is possible to differentiate between the gram and the gram cells. Gram positive cells stain purple in color.

Is maneval's stain an acid stain?

it is a basic dye that will stain the cells. That makes it a positive stain.

What stain is used to stain cheek cells?

methelyn blue

Why is the number of cells present in a smear preparation important?

It is important to carefully check the number of cells in a smear preparation. If it is too thick, it will be difficult to view the morphology of the cells. On the other hand, if the smear is too thin, the stain could potentially damage the cells.

Why do you stain the onion root cells?

The stain allows you to see the cell better

What are the disadvantages of using iodine stain to slides?

one disadvantage of using iodine to stain cells is that iodine will kill living cells.

Can you perform a gram stain on human cell?

Yes. It would stain gram negative. The gram stain was actually originally used to distinguish between baterial cells and human cells.

Is it useful to stain the Elodea and Anabaena cells with methylene blue stain?

Yes, because the methylene blue stain makes the organelles in eucharyotic cells visible to us in a basic microscope.

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