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the circuit breaker spark when it comes an over load, loss contact,but the probable cause is loss contact...and also the circuit breaker is going to be damage or destroyed.

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Q: Why would a circuit breaker switch spark?
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Is a switch a circuit breaker?

No. A circuit breaker is a switch, but a switch is not necessarily a circuit breaker. A "circuit breaker" is a device that will open the circuit when more current than it is designed for flows through the circuit. This is an automatic function, and does not require manual manipulation (such as a person physically moving an on/off switch). Resetting is often a manual function. <<>> If taken in the context of a switch opening a circuit or making a break in the circuit then the question, Is a switch a circuit breaker, then the answer would be, yes, as the switch does break the circuit.

What is a switch that automatically opens if the current is to high?

That would be a circuit breaker.

Why does your electrical breaker spark?

If your breaker is sparking it could be loose on the bottom center where it connects to the busbar. The wire going out to the circuit could be loose under the screw terminal. Your breaker should not spark under normal usage. If it continues to spark, you should replace it. When turning off a breaker you are interrupting the flow of current in the circuit, which would create a spark, because the current wants to continue flowing. However, the spark is contained inside the breaker where you cannot see it.

Where should a circuit breaker be located in a circuit?

It should be connected in series with a circuit. Since a circuit breaker acts as an "over current" switch it will be connected just an on/off would so as to "open" the circuit during an over current condition. This will remove power from the circuit.

What do you call a push button switch that you push on when power supply shut down you have to push it on again?

That would be a breaker, as in circuit breaker. Just like the ones on your house.

Can you use a Circuit breaker as a switch?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service.Yes a circuit breaker can be used as a switch. In big warehouse complexes it is done all the time. The breaker that is used is designed for this job to take the daily on off operations. Answer for countries in Europe and other world areas running a 50 Hz supply service.Whilst operating the circuit breaker would certainly work as a switch this would not comply with safety codes in many areas. The main concerns would be:The breaker may not be in a suitable place near the appliance.The breaker might not disconnect both (or all) conductors so would not function as an isolator.The breaker may not be designed to be used frequently.

How do you repair circuit breaker?

Only the manufacturer would be qualified to repair a circuit breaker. Any breaker in your home would be cheaper to replace than repair.

What is the role of a switch?

A switch is installed in a circuit to stop the current flow. Without the switch there is no way to disconnect the operation of the circuit's load. In modern households the switch is a convenient way to control room lighting from a convenient location. Without switches the circuit power would have to be controlled from the service distribution panel's breakers. In this scenario the breaker would be in the same class as a switch.

What causes a circuit breaker to switched off?

The need to de energize the circuit the breaker is feeding is a cause to have a circuit breaker switched off. If you are referring to a breaker tripping off, the cause would be from an overload condition being applied to the circuit, the breaker sensing it and shutting the circuit off.

What would cause a circuit breaker heating element to trip off?

There are two conditions that would cause a breaker to trip off. One is an overload of the circuit and the other is a short circuit on the circuit. The heating element within the breaker is what monitors for circuit overloads.

What would cause a short periodic low hum to come from a circuit breaker?

A bad circuit breaker. Replace it.

Why would circuit breaker fail?

circuit breaker do get fail if and only if the relay does not respond to the fault occurring in the system !!

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