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Algae spores float around in the air and can hit your pool at any time You can fix it by 1 shocking the pool and scrubbing the walls and floor of the pool if this doesn't clear it up just get an algaecide from your pool shop. When you vacuum the dead algae out of the pool it would be a good idea to vacuum it to waste to reduce the risk of reinfecting the pool.

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Q: Why would there be brown algae on the bottom of a gunite pool and how do you get rid of it?
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What would cause round etched patches that are slightly discolored in a gunite pool?

I expect that the pool has a history of algae growth. Algae often forms itself in a circle, eating away the gunite underneath it.

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Insalall thick carpet.

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A thin coat of algae would be my guess. Try brushing your pool and shocking it.

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