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An object will weigh more in vacuum than in air because of the upthrust. There is no upthrust in vacuum whereas in air the pressure pushes an object or person from all sides. The air is dense and it is similar like water where the weight of an object is equal to the weight of the water displaced by it.

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Q: Would an object weigh more or less in vacuum?
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When an object is submerged will it weigh less or have less mass?

Objects under water seem to weigh less but they have the same mass as they would out of water.

Would it have the same weight on earth as on the moon?

An object would weigh less on the Moon - about 6 times less - than the same object on the Earth.

Why does a solid weigh less when frozen?

For an object that is already a solid the change in its temperature does not affect its weight by any noticeable amount. The only change would result from the volume decrease as the object contracts when cooled. By occupying less space, it would displace less air and that would decrease the buoyancy of the object. That, though, would cause the object to weigh (slightly) more.

If you weigh 100lbs on earth you would weigh 16.6lbs on the moon and why?

Anytime you are in a place with less gravity, you or any object will weigh less. The force of gravity on the moon is much less than on Earth.

How much would 50N weigh on the moon?

I assume you mean, an object that weighs 50N on Earth. On the Moon, it would weigh less, by a factor of 6 approximately.

Why does an object weigh less when immersed in water?

it doesn't weigh any less. it has bouyancy, which means it floats.

Is Weight is the force of gravity on an object?

Yes, weight is the force of gravity on an object. Which is why you would weigh less on the Moon. An object on the Moon will weigh only 16.6% of what they weigh on the Earth.

Why would a person weigh more on top of a mountain then on the earth?

They would not. In fact, they would weigh slightly less. The force of gravity decreases as an object gets further from the centre of the Earth.

Does the weight on an object the same when it is located in moon and in earth?

No. Weight is a function of gravitational force pushing down on an object.There is less gravity on the moon so the object would weigh less.

An object weighs 10N on the surface of the earthwould it weigh less the same or more on the moon?

An object that weighs 10N on the surface of earth would weigh1.63N on the surface of the moon. That's less.

Would you weigh more or less on Mercury than you do on Earth?

You would weigh less because there is less gravity on mercury than on earth so you would weigh less!

Describe a place where a falling object would feel less drag than it would in your classroom?

A falling object would have less drag than in a classroom in a low pressure environment (higher up) or in a space or a vacuum, but then it's not really falling. Hope this clarifies.

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