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Hypoechoic means less white on ultrasound.

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Q: What does hypoechoic mean?
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What does a isoechoic nodule with partial hypoechoic halo mean in a thyroid ultrasound?

What is Hypoechoic to Isoechoic Nodule

Does hypoechoic mean cancer?

"Hypoechoic" only means that it doesn't bounce back sound as much as some other substances. A fluid-filled area is hypoechoic on ultrasound.

What does hypoechoic periphery and isoechoic centrum mean?

what is hypoechoic solid material that is centrally located in the mid right internal jugular vein narrowing the lumen by approx. 50% mean?

What does hypoechoeic area mean?

Hypoechoic area is a medical term relating to ultrasound scanning. On ultrasound, a solid mass appears as a grey or hypoechoic area.

What is heterogenous hypoechoic?

mixed grayscale hypoechoic not homogenous mixed grayscale hypoechoic not homogenous irregular in pattern

Enlarged prostate with hypoechoic nodule and concretions?

prostatic enlargement with concreation..what is that mean for?.

What does hypoechoic mean in medical terms?

Hypoechoic in medical terms refers to a structure that shows up less white on an ultrasound, indicating that it's less dense than surrounding tissue.

What is a solid hypoechoic nodule?

A solid hypoechoic nodule is a solid nodule that sends fewer and weaker waves on ultrasound. The next step if a solid hypoechoic nodule is fine needle aspiration to check for malignancy.

What does hypoechoic nodule mean?

A region in an ultrasound image in which the echoes are weaker or fewer than normal or in the surrounding regions

What is hypoechoic?

A hypoechoic mass is a lump which appears darker on an ultrasound scan. These darker areas on an ultrasound scan are suggestive of a tumor.

Hypoechoic region in right lobe of liver?

heterogenous hypoechoic region is seen along resection margin post right hepatctomy

What is a heterogeneous hypoechoic mass lesion?

The hypoechoic mass lesion refers to the abnormal area in the body that can be seen on an ultrasound.

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