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I have a Trade Dollar coin from 1798 with a seated liberty holding an olive branch twoards the West with 13 stars on one side and on the other an eagle holding 3 arrows and an olive branch in his claws. it is marked "420 GRAINS 900 FINE" with a "S" above the "D" in "Trade Dollar". I looked online to source this coin but I could not find any info on it. I only see information about trade dollar coins from 18XX and not 1798. i will attach pics in a few. thanks!

i would like to know it's price because i would like to sail it. if anybody haves any information please send me an e-mail... regards. Mark

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Q: 420 grains 900 fine seated liberty trade dollars?
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How big is a liberty seated dollar?

The Liberty Seated dollar has the same diameter as Trade, Morgan & Peace dollars, it's 38.1mm. The thickness is 2.4mm.

What does a 1872 us trade dollar 420 grains 900 look like?

It wouldn't look like anything because no genuine Trade Dollars were minted in 1872. If you have a coin with that date it's a counterfeit. There were some silver pattern coins dated 1872 that were struck in 1873, but these are already accounted for. They are versions of the Liberty Seated Dollar. You can see pictures of genuine Trade Dollars at

What does an 1884 US trade dollar look like?

All US Trade Dollars have a picture of Miss Liberty, seated, on the front and a spread-winged eagle on the reverse. The reverse also carries the words TRADE DOLLAR and the coin's fineness (purity) and its weight measured in the old unit of grains. There are nice images at the links below.

What is difference between trade dollar and liberty seated?

Aside from the minor differences in design, the greatest difference between the US Trade Dollar and the Seated Liberty Dollar is the weight. The Liberty Seated Dollar weighs 26.73 grams while the US Trade Dollar weighs 27.22 grams. Both contained 90% silver and 10% copper altthough the Trade Dollar had slightly more silver in it. The Trade Dollar was issued primarily for circulation in the Orient while the Seated Liberty Dollar was issued for circulation in the USA.

Why does a 1847 seated liberty have the back of a 1874 is this a reissue?

The 1847 Liberty Seated Dollar reverse is not the same as a Trade Dollar dated 1874. The eagles face different directions, Liberty Seated is left and the Trade Dollar is right. Also on the obverse of the Liberty Seated coin the body is facing right with head left and with the Trade Dollar the body and head are both facing left. The only way a 1847 dollar would have the reverse of a 1874 Trade Dollar is if it's counterfeit. I suggest showing it to a collector or dealer for their opinion.

Do 1846-1848 us trade dollars have any value?

If the coins have "TRADE DOLLAR" on the reverse and ARE dated 1846 & 1848 they are FAKE. The first Trade Dollar was issued in 1873. But some people do mistake Liberty Seated dollars for Trade Dollars. Mostly because of the similar obverse design. Look at the coin again and post new question.

Us coin with a seated person on the front but dont know what it is?

The "Liberty Seated" coins were mostly minted between 1837 - 1891, except for the Dollars. The Seated Liberty Dollar was minted from 1840 - 1873. The Gobrecht Dollar minted 1836 - 1839 and the Trade Dollars minted 1873 - 1885 also show a seated liberty figure. The Related Link contains pictures of all major U.S. coin types. You can try to match your coin to one of the images show, then post a new question with more details once you are able to make a better determination of what your coin is.

What is the value of an 1881 seated Liberty silver dollar?

The last standard silver dollars with a Seated Liberty design were made in 1873. Trade dollars with a similar design were minted up till 1885 but from 1879 onward they were only struck as proofs. They also had the words TRADE DOLLAR on the back.Please check your coin again. If it's a Morgan dollar with Miss Liberty's head, there's more information at the Related Question. If it's a trade dollar you'll need to have it checked in person by an expert dealer or appraiser. If it's anything else it's either a fantasy piece or a counterfeit.

What is the value of an 1871 trade dollar?

The first trade dollars were minted in 1873. If your coin has that date on the front and the words TRADE DOLLAR and 420 GRAINS 900 FINE on the back, it's a counterfeit (replica coin). It should have been plainly marked with the stamp "COPY." If it has a spread-winged eagle and the abbreviation ONE DOL. on the back, it's a Liberty Seated dollar, not a trade dollar. In that case please see the Related Question for more details.

What is the estimated value of a silver 1872 dollar coin of the us It's liberty trade?

The first year Trade Dollars were issued was 1873. Many wrong-date counterfeits exist. If it does have "TRADE DOLLAR" on the reverse. It is definitely a fake. If not, it's a 1872 Seated Liberty dollar that needs to be seen for an accurate value. Take it to a coin dealer.

Meaning of liberty seated silver dollar?

The term "Seated Liberty Dollar" refers to silver dollars produced in the United States between 1840 and 1873. The coins have and image on the obverse (front) of a woman representing Liberty seated, facing left (although with her body facing right), with a shield in front of her. Note that "Gobrecht Dollar", dated either 1836 or 1839, has a very similar obverse but a different eagle on the revese (back) - it is generally considered to be a pattern coin. Note that the Trade Dollar, produced between 1873 and 1878 (with proofs made until 1885) for trade in the Far East, also has a seated depiction of Liberty, but the image of the woman is different (she is, amongst other things, holding a branch in front of her), and the reverse has the words "TRADE DOLLAR". Finally, note that the Liberty Seated device also appeared on the half dime, dime, quarter and half dollar during much of the Liberty Seated Silver Dollar's time of circulation.

What is the value of a Carson City silver dollar?

The Carson City Mint made Seated Liberty dollars, Morgan dollars, and Trade dollars during the period 1870-1893. Please post a new question with enough details to identify your coin - in particular the date and designs.