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Shawn Johnson is an American Olympian who won her first official gold medal in 2008 in the Beijing Olympics! Go America!

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Q: When did Shawn Johnson got her first get her medal?
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What happend in the 2008 Olympics to Shawn Johnson?

She got the silver medal on the floor exercise, the team competition and the all-around competition, and on her last even (the balance beam) she pulled through and got the gold medal!

What medal did Shaun White win at the olympic games?

Shawn white got a gold medal

Why did Shawn Johnson retire from gymnastics?

Shawn Johnson was not inspired,her parents put her in gymnastics because she had to much energy.

What kind of car does Shawn Johnson have?

Red Land Rover LR6, she got it for her 16th birthday from sponsors.

What year did the us women's gymnastics team win gold?

In the Athens 2004 Olympics Carly Patterson was the first American female to win a gold medal for the all-around. But the last time that the U.S won the TEAM gold was in 1996 with the magnificent 7.

Who won silver metals in the 2008 Olympics?

I don't know all who got a silver in the Olympics but I do know who got for gymnastics, Shawn Johnson

How old was Shawn Johnson when she got her layout full?

7 years old. Wolves gymnastics club xxx

What place did Shawn Johnson get in the Olympics?

Shawn competed at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing in the Women's Team Final, the Women's All-Around, the Women's Indivudual Floor Routine, and the Women's Indivudual Beam Routine.Medal EventsBeam - Gold (16.225)Floor - SilverTeam - SilverAll-Around - Silver

How did Shawn Johnson become famous?

Shawn Johnson became famous in gymnastics by competing in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing china. There she went on to win the title and take home the silver all around metal, plus she got gold on beam

Who got his 100meter dash gold medal stripped away due to steroid use in 1983?

Ben Johnson

When did Shawn Johnson start gymnastics?

She stared when she was 3. She started because her parents said she had to much energy around the house.

How old was Xu Xin when he got his first medal?