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Bien sur, pourquoi pas?


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Certainly = Certes

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bien sûr

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Q: How do you say Certainly in French?
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What do you call cupcake in French?

It seems that there is no French word for it . Certainly most French would simply say "un gâteau".

What is the French for certainly?

The French word for certainly is "certainement."

How to say 'indeed' in french?

Indeed= (certainly) - En effect (or: Effectivement) Indeed= UK formal (suprise) - Vraiment

Is a 'French raspberry tart' French?

There is lots of French desserts, but the raspberry tart isn't specifically French. I would even say raspberries certainly not the most popular fruit in French tart recipes. (une tarte aux framboises)

What is certainement in French?

'certainement' means 'certainly' in French.

How do you say certainly in Mongolia?

certainly is сэртаинлй

How do you pronounce baisez-vous in French?

We certainly do not say that in French. 'Baiser' is mostly used as a vulgar verb (f*ck), while 'vous' is the formal, polite 'you'. The two words do not belong together.

Is Renoir a French artist?

Yesw, he certainly was.

How do you say Certainly you wouldn't miss it in French?

"Vous ne le manqueriez certainement pas."

How do I say I love you my husband very much in French?

Mon mari, je t'aime beaucoup. This is not idiomatic and most certainly we would say "Chéri, je t'aime beaucoup" instead.

Do french children go home for lunch?


How do you say 'say' in french?

to say is the verb 'dire' in French.