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You say daughter as musume(娘) in Japanese.

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Q: How do you say Daughter in Japanese?
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What is the word 'daughter' when translated from English to Japanese?

You say daughter as musume (娘) in Japanese.

How do you say first daughter in Japanese?


How do you say third born daughter in Japanese?

Dai san ni umareta musume is third born daughter in Japanese

How do you say honorable daughter in Japanese?

You can say 'osoroshii musume' or 'hidoi musume'.

How do you say you love your daughter in Japanese?

putang ina mo

How do you say 'grand daughter' in Japanese?

娘 (musume) is daughter and 孫 (mago) is grandchild, so 孫娘 (magomusume) is granddaughter.

How do you say this is my daughter in Japanese?

Casual speech: 娘だ (Musume da) Polite speech: 娘です (Musume desu)

What is the phrase third born daughter when translated from English to Japanese?

You can say 'sanbanme no musume,' written: 3番目の娘

How do you say daughter in different languages?

Here are translations for daughter in several languages: Spanish: hija French: fille German: Tochter Italian: figlia Japanese: 娘 (musume) Russian: Π΄ΠΎΡ‡ΡŒ (doch)

Can you say my husband daughter and I?

no you have to say: my husband, my daughter and i ....

How do you write and pronounce My Beloved Daughter or Beloved Daughter in Japanese?

Either 'aijou' or 'manamusume'

How do you say second daughter in Japanese?

You may say 'nibanme no musume,' written in Japanese as: 二番目の娘