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think out of the box

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Q: I need a good Slogan for fifth grade class rep?
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How do you get your child good grades in fifth grade?

by studing or listen in class or understand the subject.

Whats a good slogan for amenhotep the fifth?

There could be a few good slogan for amenhotep the fifth. The main one that I would use would be pylons.

What is a good grade slogan for class of 2012?

you cant outdo the class of 1 2 - Class of 2012, you wish you wereone two. - Class of 2012, the mayans didnt feel the need to go on.

What is a good movie for a class to watch?

That would depend on how old the students are and on what subject the class is studying; a fifth grade Social Studies class would require something completely different than a tenth grade English class.

How can you write a good speech about how you will be a good fifth grade class president?

Write what you think is wrong with your school that you will change and about how your class would benefit from you being president. Make them want as well as need you to be the president.

What is a slogan for class of 2018?

There are so many slogans for the class of 2016 that you can choose from. One good slogan is Seniors: On top is always better.

What is a good slogan for the class of 2013?

To the end of the world and beyond...

What is a good 4th grade class president speech?

A good 4th-grade class president speech should focus on why you are passionate about representing your classmates, what positive changes you would like to bring to the class, and how you plan to listen to and involve your peers in decision-making. Remember to include a catchy slogan or promise that appeals to your audience and shows your commitment to being a strong leader for the class.

Where can I find analogy worksheets for my students?

You can find a lot of good analogy worksheets at the analogysheets dot com site. It offers many resources for your fifth grade class and your students.

A catchy slogan to use for your math class?

Let the good times tables roll.

What is a good time to do homework in fifth grade?

A good time to do homework is as soon as you get home from school.

What are some good fifth grade essay topics?

anything u can think of