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there are no stairs in a bungalow there are no stairs in a bungalow

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Q: If a woman lives in a bungalow and paints everything red what colour are her stairs?
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In a one story house and everything is green but what colour r the stairs?

There are no stairs - it's a one story house...

Do bungalow have stairs?

Some bungalows have stairs as although they are only one storey they can have upper rooms located in the roof so they would require stairs to be accessed.

Can you put radiators up stairs in an attic in a bungalow?

If that space has heat loss (and it most definitely has) then sure - it is possible to put radiators there.

If every thing in the house is blue what colour are the stairs?


What is the answer to this riddle - Minnie recently bought a bungalow and decorated it She painted the kitchen red the living room orange and the bathroom pink so what colours did she paint upstairs?

This is a trick riddle. Minnie has a bungalow. Bungalows do not have stairs. Therefore she didn't paint any colours upstairs.

There is a one story house The table is blue the chimney is blue the bathroom is blue the floors are blue But what colour are the stairs?

There are no stairs! It's a one-story house!

On a street there's a pink one story house everything is pink what color are the stairs i no the answer just how many of you know?

its one story (: there are no stairs..

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