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a = to

la = the

playa = beach

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La playa is "The beach" in english

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Q: What does a la playa mean in spanish?
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What does arena en la playa mean in Spanish?

"sand on the beach"

How do you say 'beach' in Spanish?


What is beach in spanish?

La Playa

What is the spanish word for beach?

La playa La playa literally means THE beach and una playa literally means A beach. Vamos a la playa - We go to the beach Me gusta la playa - I like the beach

What does ah la playa otra ves mean in Spanish?

Ah, the beach again !

How do you write in spanish the beach?

La playa

What is at the beach in spanish?

en/a la playa

How do you spell beach in Spanish?

the beach = la playa

How do you say I love the beach in Spanish?

"Me encanta la playa"

What does esponola mean in spanish?

española means: Spaniard or Spanish (use it only with feminine words) española also means Spaniard girl (a girl from Spain) some examples: la Industria Española (the Spanish Industry) la Bolsa Española ( the Spanish Stock Market) la Playa Española (the Spanish beach) la Cultura Española (the Spanish culture) Industria, Bolsa, Playa and Cultura are all feminine words,

Is 'Vamos a la playa' an Italian phrase?

¡Vamos a la playa! is not an Italian phrase because it is the Spanish equivalent of "Let's go to the beach!" in English.

How do you say fun at the beach in spanish?

(Did you have) fun at the beach? = Te disfrutaste en la playa? (singular informal) Se disfruto usted en la playa? (singular formal) Os disfrutasteis en la playa? (plural informal) Se disfrutaron ustedes en la playa? (plural formal) diversion en la playa = fun at the beach