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"que hay" might mean: that there are

if it's a question it might mean: what is there?

if you accidentally mixed up the order and you meant "hay que," that means: it is necessary.

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It is necessary to . . . as in Hay que estudiar (it is necessary to study)

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Q: What does hay que mean in spanish?
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What does que hay mean in English?

"Que hay" is a Spanish expression that can be translated to English as "what's up" or "what's going on." It is commonly used as a casual greeting or to ask someone how they are doing.

What does Que hay gente buena mean in English?

It's Spanish for "that there are good people."

What does Que hay de nuevo mean?

This translates from Spanish to mean What's new?'What's new?'

What does esta bonito este dia hay que disfrutarlo mean in Spanish?

"Está bonito este día hay que disfrutarlo" means "It is pretty this day, one must enjoy it."

What does hay que bonita mean?

Ay! que bonita = Hey, how beautiful you are ! ('Hay' = 'there is/are')

What is there too spanish?

Que hay ademas alli?

How do you Translate 'what about you in to Spanish?

What about you - Que acerca de ti or Que hay de Ti .

What does the Spanish phrase Que No Hay mean in English as in the title of Miguel Bose's classic ballad?

Google Translate

What does hay que levantarse a Los ocho mean in Spanish?

"You have to get up at eight."

How do you say what's to eat in spanish?

Que hay a comer?

How do you say is there somebody that you still like in spanish?

Hay alguien que te gusta? or Hay alguien que te sigue gustando?

How do you spell hourse in Spanish?

Do you mean "horse"? That is caballo. If you mean "house", that is casa.