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it means I LIKE FOOTBALL in french language

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Le football (masc.) is the sport called soccer in the US - and football nearly everywhere else.

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Q: What does le football mean in English?
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How do you say Football in French?

"Le football " (soccer in American English - what the Americans call football is called in French "le football américain").

What does et mean inn English?

"Et" means, "And" in English.For example: "J'aime le football et le basket."Means: "I like soccer/football and basketball."Example: "Et toi?"Means: "And you?"

What does LE mean in football?

The- the article

What a le in football?

I'm not sure what this question means. le in "le football" or "le foot" is "the" because in french you always need an article in front. e.g. le Poisson = fish.Unless you mean what is a+le football and then the answer to that would be au.a+le = au

What does le beurre mean in English?

'le beurre' is 'the butter' in English.

How do you say loves footballl in French?

"j'aime le foot / le football" We're speaking of soccer, of course. Say "le football américain" if you mean what is called football in the U.S.

What does le menton mean in English?

'le menton' means the chin in English.

What does 'qui a le mean' in English?

"Qui a le" in French translates to "who has the" in English.

What does le placard mean in English?

Le placard (masc.) means the cupboard in English.

What does le pouce mean in English?

le pouce (masc.) means 'the thumb' in English.

What does Le soleil mean in English?

le soleil (masc.) means the sun in English.

What does LE mean in The Polar Express?

In English "LE "means "THE".