What is a minga?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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In Quechua, an indigenous language of Ecuador, "minga" means" the coming together or a community for the betterment of all." Community members can call a "minga" if they are in need of assistence, & people will come from miles around to help. For example, if a the building of a school is behind schedule, a "minga" might be called to summon community members to help finish building the school. They may or may not be able to take advantage of the school--the community ties are important regardless. In England, a minga is a really ugly or drunk person.

Quechua is the most widely spoken language family of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, with some 6 to 8 million speakers, shared mainly by groups living in the Central Andes region of South America. Quechua was very widespread long before the Incas used the language as a tool to achieve the unification of the Empire. It is spoken today not only in Ecuador, but in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, & Chile as well, with even some pockets in Argentina; & has the status of an official language in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador along with Spanish.

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Q: What is a minga?
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