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Pucci is an Italian name and my guess- based on a similar word in French, is it means, in plural, Fleas. paradoxically enough it is a big Fashion house- Both Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Tate literally left this world-in Pucci designed gowns, Monroe"s was an Empire, I am not sure of Miss Tates- and no snide remarks about a Composite Bomber Dress( as she was buried with her child, on top of her breast). Pucci is a big, I would assume from the name, Italian Fashion house. Almost certainly Gina has Pucci gowns or has worn them in the past- we are light years from Bob and Ray"s leather shop and their creations for Diana Ross which were , let us be accurate-Wow.

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2009-09-18 17:34:12
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Q: What is the name Pucci mean?
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