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the point of view in the story is omniscent

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Q: What is the point of view for the short story Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas?
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Who wrote the short story Amigo Brothers?

The short story "Amigo Brothers" was written by Piri Thomas. It was first published in 1978 as part of a collection of short stories.

How many books did Piri Thomas make and what were their names?

He wrote amigo brothers

Who played in the three amigo brothers?

Steve martin... Chevy chase martin short

Where does Felix go the night before the fight in the short book the amigo brothers?

To his aunt's house

Is Amigo Brothers fiction or nonfiction?

Third-person, obviously. Did you see a 'you' or 'I' in the entire narrative? Third-person omniscient to be exact.

From Prentice Hall Literature Bronze Edition page number What are examples of metaphor hyperbole personification and idiom in the short story Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas?

I don't know specific examples but you can find success most likely in the description of the two characters' running.

Description of the characters in amigo brothers?

the characters in amigo brothers are felix vargas and antonio cruz. they are both seventeen and puerto-rican. they live in new york. Antonio is fair, lean ,and lanky. his lean form makes him the better boxer. Felix is dark, short, and husky. his short and muscular form makes him the better slugger. they are both very passionte, athletic, loyal, competitive, and determined.

When was Short Brothers created?

Short Brothers was created in 1908.

Martin short was a three amigo?

yes, he was playing Ned Nederlander

What is Short Brothers's population?

The population of Short Brothers is 5,330.

When did Thomas Short die?

Thomas Short died in 1872.

When was Three Brothers - short - created?

Three Brothers - short - was created in 1944.