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Q: What are the two main causes of over-fishing?
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What are the Principle causes for threat to wildlife?

It can be anything, from poaching to garbage dropping. Timber logging and Overfishing are also main reasons SAVE THE ANIMALS!

What were some causes for the humpback whales endangerment?

Overfishing by humans.

What are two main causes for animal loss in Africa?

I believe the two main causes are loss of habitat and hunting.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of overfishing?

Overfishing can be used to control fish populations and can be helpful in encouraging natural selection. Overfishing can also be very harmful as it causes fish populations to decrease, affecting all animals that rely on them for food. Overfishing has led many governments to reduce the required size of fish to one that is smaller than when the fish reproduce.

What are the main causes of renal artery stenosis?

The two main causes of renal artery stenosis are atherosclerosis and fibromuscular disease.

What are the causes of the black plague?

The two main causes were the rats and the fleas brought from Asia.

What were the two main causes of the near extinction of the bison?

The two main causes of the near-extinction of the bison were 1. Habitat loss from ranching and farming, and 2. Commercial hunting.

What are the enemies of the tiger tail seahorse?

Overfishing by men is the main reason that tiger tail seahorses are endangered.

What causes liver damage in SBS?

The main two causes of liver damage are alcoholism and hepatitis.

What were two main causes of the extra deaths of the smog in London?

you tell me

What are the two main causes of vibration?

noise and frequency are made a vibration

What are the two main causes of cerebrovascular accident?

Blood Clot Ruptured Aneurysm