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Q: Can a 14 year old wear pull ups to school?
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Should a ten-year-old wear makeup to school?

no. she's ten.

Should a 10 yr old boy wear no underwear to school?

A 10 year old boy should wear underwear to school and everywhere else. Underwear serves as protection.

What makeup should a 11 year old wear to school?

If yo go to a private school you are probably not aloud to wear make up... So wear lip gloss... If you go to a public school do the same thing

What clothes should a 12 year old wear?

Whatever your school dress code says.

Is inappropriate for 10 year olds to wear midriffs?

Yes it is inappropriate for a 10 year old. This is really true for school.

Should your 10 year old sister wear a mini skirt to school?

no way too young

Oufits for a 12 year old girl to wear with a newsboy hat?

she can wear a cute sun dress or she can where that hat to Sunday school and with her newsboy hat duhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Should boys not wear underwear?

i am an eight year old boy and i only wear pants to school.

What fashions should a 13 year old wear?

Fit In Wear some clothes in the following stores: PacSun Deliahs Its not much but.... Im in high school now and i know what they wear

Is it normal for a 16 year old boy to wear pull ups?

Im only 13 so i dont have kids but no i dont think its normal

Its wrong for a 11 year old to wear 3 inch heels?

yes well i guess like to a school dance

Is it wrong to put a 11 year old in diapers?

No it is not, I am 11 and I wet the bed all the time and chose to wear pull ups because baby diapers don't fit me. Use goodnights or pull ups.